Compare Financial Advisors

Whether you are seeking the services of a financial advisor for the first time, or comparing your advisor to someone new, it's important to ask questions to help ensure the firm you pick fits your needs. You'll want to find someone who will make you feel comfortable, and who understands and supports your wants, needs, and goals.

Our Financial Advisor Evaluation Checklist outlines the questions you should ask any advisor or firm you’re considering hiring, such as: 

  • What services does the firm offer?
  • What type of firm is this? (i.e. Registered Investment Advisory; Brokerage; Insurance)
  • Does the firm sell financial products?
  • What standard of care does the firm offer clients? (i.e. Fiduciary; Suitability)
  • Does the firm have a disciplinary record with FINRA or the SEC?
  • Does the firm (not just the advisor) have any certifications or specialties?
  • What is the firm’s investment philosophy?

Using the Checklist, you can make side-by-side comparisons of potential firms and feel confident in taking the next step. 

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